Do you feel numb or restless? Do you crave meaning and connection?

When we experience dissatisfaction in our lives, our instinct is to blame others or our surroundings. We grasp at external solutions, hopeful that one will change the way we feel. Relief is temporary until we surrender patterns of thinking that no longer serve us. Once we become willing to step outside our comfort zone, the journey forward can begin.

Growth requires courage and action. “Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” Goethe. When we commit to growth as a practice, we discover what it means to be alive, and from there we show up powerfully for the world around us. Our life takes on new meaning when we start sharing what we learn. Happiness is an inside job.

The weekly growth stories combine the power of personal narrative with practical tools. The resources are lists of wellness tips, books, podcasts, and workshops that have supported me.

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