• March 6, 2018

Stop Dieting With This One Food Rule

Stop Dieting With This One Food Rule

Stop Dieting With This One Food Rule 1024 683 Thayer Fox

Stop dieting today. I have one food rule that I adhere to; the majority of my diet consists of food that comes directly from nature.

All vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, and fish are on this list. I don’t limit quantity, but I don’t eat a lot of starchy vegetables like potatoes either.

It’s okay if natural food is crushed like nut butter or olive oil or dried like a prune but I must be able to directly link the food back to a source like a tree or a plant. If I can’t visualize quickly where it came from, then I don’t eat much of it. There are no bread trees or cracker plants. You could also include animals on that list, but I stopped eating animal meat years ago.

My diet also includes small amounts of grains, raw cheeses, and processed foods. I don’t have a forbidden list like I did in my 20s. Even thinking about all my old restrictions ignites cravings. Nothing is off limits now. By having one central rule that I use as my true North, it’s easy to stay committed and successful. You won’t let yourself down either if you keep the food rule general. Continually breaking your own rules takes a toll and spills into other areas.

I had a piece of cake this weekend to celebrate my seven-year-old son’s birthday. It was delicious, and I had a big container of pineapple to eat in the fridge afterward in case I longed for more cake. I often eat sweet fruits for dessert that diet books tell you to avoid on a full stomach. It works for me, and I don’t fantasize about baked goods, because of my allowance. A sliced Honeycrisp apple with almond butter or a handful of dried organic mango is a satisfying dessert.

The next time you go grocery shopping or order a meal at a restaurant, try to fill your cart or plate with food that resembles what it looked like when it was growing. If you fill yourself with that category first, you won’t have much room for the fake stuff.

The result of this will be weight loss, less brain fog and a ton more energy. Easy rule, guaranteed results.