Wellness Tips

Bulletproof Coffee

If you love coffee, this is a game changer. It may initially feel laborious, and once you experience the results in your life, you will enjoy making it.


Would you like to eliminate bloating for good? One kombucha a day will make a drastic difference if you are already eating a healthy diet. They are also delicious and satisfying.


I have had sinus issues for years. Here as some tips to try before taking a Z-Pak. Good sleep makes a drastic difference in sinus health as well.

Back Pain Secret

How you are standing will impact your back long term. This tip is a gold mine. It will keep you warm and ease minor back pain.


After twenty years of experimenting with different diets, I have one diet rule that is easy not to break. Life is complicated so keeping your diet simple is the key to success. Not to mention weight loss and feeling good.

Morning Ritual

“Win the morning; you win the day.” A morning routine that works for you is imperative. It energizes your body and clears your mind so that you can begin in your day in an optimal state. Here is what I do…


This tip is not about getting enough cardio activity and managing your weight. Walking has the power to shift your thoughts and energy. If you don’t live in a walking city, find time to take short walks.


We often become experts in areas due to our struggles and research. I am an expert in homeopathic sleep remedies. Sleep issues are sometimes hormonal (for women) and mostly mental. Regardless of the cause, these tips will help.

Cold Showers

I take one every morning; it’s an essential piece of my morning routine. Aside from being trendy, there is scientific data to support the health benefits. It is also excellent mental training: I count to 3 and step in if I “feel” like it or not. This practice has extended beyond a cold shower and into my life.


I spent way too many years of my life in talk therapy mulling over the trauma that happened in my childhood. EMDR was an effective and efficient way of processing it. It’s a fact that talking about trauma only deepens your neural pathways so you should quit doing that today.

Power Moves

I am smiling as I write this because I still can’t believe how well this works. A power move is a sharp, purposeful physical movement. I hit my chest and air punch, sometimes I jump. It’s ridiculous and the quickest way to shift your mental state and access energy.