• February 22, 2018

Sinus Management

Sinus Management

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When I get run down, my sinuses start to ache. Especially in the indoor dry heat of winter or mandatory AC summer months; either extreme can trigger my sinuses. Tylenol Sinus works short term, and I don’t like to overuse medication. Fatigue from low-grade sinus issues is the symptom that affects my mental state and productivity. Avoiding antibiotics unless I have a severe infection, I have four tricks that help a great deal.

First of all, get a humidifier and put it close to your bed. During the winter months, this will make a big difference. We have humidifiers humming all over our apartment and keep the heat as low as possible. Wash the humidifiers carefully once a week and fill them with fresh water daily.

Next, I do not consume milk or yogurt. I have always found dairy unappealing, and the more I have learned about the dairy industry, the more strongly I feel that I shouldn’t be eating dairy. Aside from the disturbing details about a dairy cow’s life, it’s also a fact that most adults don’t digest dairy well. Dairy thickens saliva and mucus, which aggravate your sinuses further. Here is an excellent short article on it:


Many of you have heard of neti pots. They look like something Aladdin lives inside and are awkward to use. They are effective, and I used one for years, leaking water all over my face as I tilted my head to gently pour the water into my nostril instead of spilling it out of the top opening. A few years ago, a sinus doctor told me about a modern-day neti pot called NeilMed Sinus Rinse. It’s a plastic squeezy bottle that you order online with salt packets. I use it twice a day (morning and night) and find it much more manageable. It doesn’t trigger my gag reflex nor does it make a mess. Here is the link:


Aside from having a humidifier near my bed, I also dab a cotton ball with eucalyptus oil and leave it on my bedside table. Aromatherapy is not my department of expertise yet I do know that this works wonders. It’s just enough of a scent to open your sinus passages and not too much to make your eyes sting and hair smell. I also do this during long car trips when the heat or AC is blowing directly on my face. Here is one of the brands I use from a website I love- you can also find eucalyptus oil at a local health food store:


See a doctor if these tips don’t work.